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BANA 1924

미국식 남부요리로 유명한 샤이바나의 세컨브랜드 BANA 1924.

1920년대 미국 금주령 시대에 비밀리에 술을 재조하여 팔았던 약국을 컨셉으로 디자인된 게스트로펍 

Inspired by the history and the rise of specialty cocktails and craft beers during Prohibition in America, Bana 1924 is the first of its kind. At Bana 1924, we take you back to the height of the era of speakeasies, bringing you an experience never encountered before. The thrilling experience of wandering into an apothecary, tasting the first sip of a prescription drink which deciphers to a specialty cocktail made with fresh herbs and fruits - it is rare gift. It is a privilege made possible by those who revolted a rebellion and finally bringing an end to a dark and devious era which embarked another. A one that enriched the culture of celebrating life’s simple pleasures with fine wine, exquisitely crafted beers, beautifully prepared food, and impeccable cocktails. To those who shine after dusk, we offer a warm embrace. Welcome to 1924.

​테이스트로드 촬영 링크

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